Writer's Camps

Writers Camp: June 28-July 4, 2020
Production Camp: July 4-July 19, 2020
Priority Deadline: March 1, 2020


Participants enrolled are involved in the one-week Writers Camp along with the two-week Production Camp. It is designed to allow students to write and create their own show to perform with the help of professional writers and musicians. All students begin the writing process together and then are split up into their designated tracks. A scriptwriting, songwriting, and tech track are available for students to choose from based on their interests.

Scriptwriting Track
            The scriptwriting track focuses on writing the overall story, characters, and dialogue of the production. Students work together to develop writing skills and storytelling with the help of experienced theatre teachers and writers. Students will learn the intricacies of script development from start to finish and see their production on stage!

**Writers camp is limited to 15 campers**

Music Composition Track
            The songwriting track is designed to teach students about the art of songwriting and song production. Students will learn the history and basics of what song writing is about and then put these lessons to use! Campers will write and produce songs that will be performed in the camp production.

**Songwriting track is limited to 10 campers**

Tech Track
            Our newest technical track is led by a group of theatre experts that provide a variety of lessons and experiences. Students in this track will learn the essential basics of every part of the technical realm. Students in the technical track are expected to help with many aspects of the show from creating costumes to providing a program for the production. Tech track campers are required to enroll and participate in the theatre workshop class.

**Tech track is limited to 5 campers**