Production Camp

Writers Camp: June 28-July 4, 2020
Production Camp: July 4-July 19, 2020
Priority Deadline: April1, 2020


Production is a two-week camp that brings our written show to life! Students are guided through the audition process and are given their own parts to develop with the help of our experienced theatre staff. Production camp includes group and individual lessons in dance, choir, and acting performance.

Dance classes are held every morning in order to learn group and individual choreography for the show. Campers are taught a variety of dance moves and choreographed dances to prepare for the final production. Our group of dance instructors are able to provide a wealth of dance knowledge for any campers that are looking for dance experience!

Choral classes are designed to teach students about Broadway music, sight reading, and will provide solo/ensemble choral practices for the performance. Students will gain choral and ensemble experience through the daily class with a group of skillful theatre and choral instructors.

Drama classes are led by our show director and experienced instructor, Kris Lee, and involves an array of theatre lessons and activities that are informative and fun! Students will learn blocking, acting techniques, and basic skills from stage makeup to proper theatre etiquette.

Students get to enjoy an array of activities and experiences outside of their daily schedule led by our talented counselors. Various group bonding activities are used to promote self-development in a safe and open atmosphere.

Priority deadline for applications is April 1, 2020.